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Brand : Wizards of the Coast

Magic the Gathering Unfinity Draft Booster Display (36 Packs, English)

An Unfinity Draft Booster Display (36 Packs, English) contains:

36 booster packs, each containing 15 random cards from the new booster set in English.
1 Boxtopper per display
Magic The Gathering is taking off into space with the release of Unfinity on 1 April 2022, and it's going to be simply out of this world.

Unfinity is Magic at its most fun and brightest. These sets aim to break the tradition of other Magic sets by taking successful mechanical strengths to the extreme - often with plenty of quirky humour.

Unfinity is available worldwide and includes draft boosters and collectible boosters in English only. Inside are fun new mechanics and plenty of collector value with space standard lands, shock lands and an exciting new showcase print for Eternal cards!

Standard lands with large-scale illustrations are typical of Un-Sets, and players can look forward to endless fun with boosters with the special Planet lands, where each land type is illustrated with the landscape of an alien world.

Draft booster displays and collector booster displays include a box topper: one of ten different foil shock lands! That's right - the shock lands from Ravnica have been redesigned into ten foil lands without borders for players to enjoy. To increase the fun factor, each draft booster contains an additional game object.

Since one Foil card is never enough, the Unfinity collectible boosters are 100% Foil! At least three Foil cards in each booster are space-inspired Galaxy Foil cards, a dazzling Foil card print only available in this Un-Set.

English Edition - NEW & OVP!

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