Pokémon - Sword & Shield: Lost Origin - Booster Display

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Pokémon Sword & Shield: Lost Origin Booster Display

The boundary between dimensions is tearing apart and Giratina-VSTAR is plunging the world into the abyssal shadows of Nowhere!
Be wary of the power of Nowhere - because unlike the discard pile, cards cannot be retrieved from there.
While Aerodactyl-VSTAR harnesses this warped power, Magnezone, Piondragi, Hisui-Viscogon and Hisui-Zoroark also step into the spotlight as Pokémon-VSTAR, as well as Kyurem-VMAX, reveal their own amazing abilities.
Beyond the shadows, Cupidos-V and Radiant Guardevoir wield their beguiling magical power in the expansion Sword & Shield - Lost Origins!

Facts & Features:
  • More than 190 cards
  • 3 brand new Radiant Pokémon
  • 6 fantastic Pokémon VSTAR
  • 14 powerful Pokémon-V and 1 enormous Pokémon-VMAX
  • 30 cards with special illustrations in the Trainer Gallery subset
  • More than 15 Trainer cards

  • One booster contains 10 cards
  • One booster display contains 36 boosters
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