Pokémon - Sword and Shield: Vivid Voltage - Booster Pack

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Pokémon Sword & Shield: Colour Shock Booster

Discover the new brilliance and full power of the Pokémon Collectible Card Game expansion Sword & Shield - Colour Shock with even more Pokémon-V, including the newly discovered Mysterious Pokémon Zarude! Unique new Stunning Pokémon make their rainbow-coloured debut, accompanied by more Pokémon-VMAX ... including the wonderfully spherical Gigadynamax Pikachu in all his glory and splendour! Add some colour and plenty of zest to your deck or collection with the Sword & Shield - Colour Shock expansion!

The Pokémon Collectible Card Game Expansion Sword & Shield: Colour Shock contains:

Over 185 cards
Dozens of recently discovered Pokémon from the Galar region
11 powerful Pokémon-V and 6 enormous Pokémon-VMAX
More than 15 Trainer cards and 4 new Special Energy cards.


One booster contains 10 cards
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