Pokémon - Sword and Shield: Rebel Clash - Booster

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Pokémon Sword & Shield: Rebel Clash Booster

Rock out with new Pokémon! Turn it up and let it rip - rebellion, chaos and punky notes permeate the Pokémon Collectible Card Game expansion Sword & Shield - Clash of the Rebels. Pokémon-V such as Riffex-V, Zwollock-V, Bellektro-V, Sanaconda-V and also a handful of Pokémon-VMAX - the latest evolutions of the first three partner Pokémon as well as Patinaraja-VMAX and Katapuldra-VMAX - make an appearance. The Sword & Shield - Clash of the Rebels expansion is as much at home on the stage as it is in the streets!


One booster contains 10 Pokémon cards.
Including at least one Holo card and an additional online code card for the Pokemon Online trading card game
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