Flesh and Blood – Tales of Aria is around the corner!

With the release of Flesh and Bloods 5th set – Tales of Aria around the corner, anticipation has been very high. But why? Flesh and Blood has been growing pretty rapidly and with each expansion new players joined. The main reason for this TCG’s succes, I would argue, is the way it is played. In addition to that the art style chosen for FaB appeals to a great audiance including former MTG players such as myself. Tales of Aria offers a new approach on three already existing classes: Ranger, Guardian and the Runeblade. By adding a elemental twist to these classes they not only shape  the way those classes are played but also their flavor.  With the addition of earth (very defensiv) ice (very controlish) and lighting (very ofensive) cards to these classes we can expect a drastic change to the meta. But that is a topic for another time. Frost has the capacity to slow down the game making it potentially more difficult for heroes such as Katsu and Chane to thrive as they have before due to many low cost cards these heroes have accses too. The earth element is adding a deeper layer of defensive capabilities to the new Runeblade and Guardian, making them tankier than before. And lighting on the other hand provides alot of „go again“ and additional „on hit damage“ which supports a more agressive play style. Each new hero has accses to two different elements extends your toolbox by quite a lot because of the flexiblity this brings with it. In general Tales of Aria is not looking to be very attractive for constrcuted players, but it looks like it will also be a lot of fun in a limited envoirment, either sealed or draft. With that said its obvios that i am very excidet for the prerelease of Aria and to see how this will influence FaB in growth and its gameplay. What do you think of what we have seen so far? Share your opinion with us!